Data Center Cleaning Services at The Lowest Cost.

We have Experts to assess your cleaning needs and recommended solutions that meet your specific cleaning requirements.


Data Center Cleaning Solutions.

We offer a complete suite of specialized data center cleaning services. Our services are designed for critical areas within data center facilities like server rooms, command centers, mechanical rooms, generators & battery rooms, UPS rooms, telecom closets, and labs. We also provide general cleanings services for non-critical areas within data center facilities when one vendor is required on larger contracts. Our services are cost-effective and designed to help remove built-up contamination inside your mission critical data center so that your equipment operates in an optimal environment.


Rockville are Experts in Data Center Cleaning and Maintenance.

Controlling contamination is essential for Data Centre as a critical facility to manage the risk of contamination, Rockville can make this possible by helping you to use of clean rooms, along with strict and stringent processes. We will do that by applying the series of standards dedicated for Data centers, practices and procedures following the ISO 14644. Prevent business disruptions and financial loss by improving equipment reliability. Controlled Contamination Services Data Center cleaning services ensures that your sensitive IT areas are free from contaminates and conditions that contribute to unexpected downtime. Whether you are in need of an initial cleaning and/or a scalable maintenance program, Rockville has the experts to assess your cleaning needs and recommend a program that meets your specific cleaning requirements. Rockville provides a highly-trained technicians understand the importance and sensitivity of a company’s IT Servers and take pride in providing the highest quality cleaning services while ensuring the operational integrity of your company’s technology assets with 0 % down Time.

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Initial Saudi Group a leading multinational and local service Organization.

Initial Saudi Group is celebrating its 35'n Year of operations in Saudi Arabia. Our success is underscored by more than 22,000 employees proudly serving over 800 organizations, including the premium groups who we continue to serve for more than 27 years.

Our Subsidiaries Offering Quality services that you can depend on

Workforce Saudia was established with the vision and mission to play a key strategic role in servicing Saudi Arabia’s increasing demand for quality workforce talent across all sectors.

We specialize in Recruitment, Visa processing, Payroll and full Outsourcing solutions with offices right throughout the Kingdom. Through our Partner company, with roots and heritage going back 30+ years in the Kingdom, we have an enviable Infrastructure and track record of delivering world class manpower services.

WFS is proud to be one of a selected few companies that is fully licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Labor to conduct recruitment and Visa Outsourcing solutions.

We provide the following services in combination with a variety of staff categories and skillsets: Contract staffing, On demand staffing, Workforce supply, Recruitment and payroll, Global talent sourcing, Permanent recruitment, Contract / fixed term staffing, Temporary staffing solutions, Visa service, Payroll solutions, Project staffing solutions, HR services, Training and H&S


Since 1983, Initial Landscaping has beautified some of the most prestigious properties, including several palaces and compounds, all over Saudi Arabia. In addition, we have executed several major landscape and hardscape projects. We employ full-time landscape engineers and architects who are capable of dispensing advice and landscape solutions to suit our clients’ unique requirements.

Our services are fully supported by a complete organization of managers and a large workforce, backed by the support of the Initial Group, facilitating us to undertake and execute small and large-scale projects with complete efficiency.

All our staff are legally sponsored, professionally trained, well-housed and transported to and back from work sites in company buses. Some of our prominent clients include King Abdullah Economic City, Royal Commission Yanbu, Tabuk/Najran Airport, Arabian Homes, Durrat Riyadh City - Riyadh, Islamic Development Bank.


Founded in 1930, Duraclean is a US franchise that has become a leader in environmental services. The company has offices throughout the United States, Canada and several foreign countries including Saudi Arabia.

Duraclean has been serving Saudi Arabia since 1975, providing executive cleaning services to an elite market. In 1986, it merged its operations with the Initial Saudi group and continues to provide executive cleaning plus specialised building cleaning before handover on daily non-contractual bases.

Duraclean’s additional services include swimming pool cleaning, water damage and fire restoration. All materials, equipment and training are part of an exclusive agreement with Duraclean Inc, USA.


Since 1983, we have provided Security Services to some of the most reputable organizations in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of guarding services to meet their unique requirements and budgets.

Al Sawari is fully licensed by the appropriate Saudi authorities to operate and provide trained guards within the country. All our staff are Saudi nationals (in compliance with Ministry of Interior rules) and are qualified to address any scale projects, from individual or small businesses to comprehensive large-scale security programs.

We are able to assemble qualified teams to examine and analyse security needs and prescribe integrated packages to meet the requirements of various clients. Our expertise includes surveillance, intruder detection, gate command and traffic safety. Our professional, efficient and multilingual staff work together as an effective unit.


Initial MEP & Renovation Services offers an extensive range of services to suit each client accordingly. We offer a superb MEP & Renovation facility including mechanical, electrical, operations and maintenance, backed by Initial Group's organization.

We are managed by a professional team of engineers, architects and support staff to provide commercial and personalized services to our clients. A number of turnkey projects have been executed to the complete satisfaction of our valued clients. This division is resourceful and possesses a dedicated team to plan and execute MEP & Renovation projects anywhere in the Kingdom. Noteworthy that the division is BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) associated.

Initial MEP & Renovation Services: is a well-established Maintenance Division of Initial Saudi Arabia Ltd. that has provided Turnkey Building Solutions to Industrial and Commercial sector clients across the Kingdom for well over 20 years. We have earned a reputation as the trusted MEP & Renovation service provider to a host of reputable entities including the USA & German Consulates, King Abdullah Economic City and Jabal Omar Development Corporation to name a few.


Saudi Arabia's pioneer pest control company since 1966, Pest Control & Fumigation Co. Ltd was merged with Initial Saudi Arabia Ltd. Together, the company provides an experienced, high-caliber pest control service to a large roster of clients. The company provides an array of options ranging from Pest Control preventative measures to routine servicing based on annual or periodical contracts.

Sound technical training, continuously updated to international standards, and our relentless desire for self-improvement, has made us a first choice for effective pest control, as attested by the renewal of numerous ongoing contracts. Our management team and technicians are qualified to undertake large or small-scale pest control & fumigation contracts, always backed by the Initial Group team.


Training is considered to play a fundamental and strategic role in the growth of any company, therefore our center is committed to provide the individuals as well as organizations a proper training programs to let them achieve the best professional path by focusing on their competency levels and delivering to them practical training.

The training Center supports leadership, technical and behavioural training programs led by efficient and highly skilled trainers in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for effective performance of the work.


Initial Support Services provides support staff to several leading organizations for their factories, warehouses and showrooms, placing high importance on health and safety issues.

We ensure that our tea boys, loaders, packers, drivers and forklift operators are well briefed for the job, fully insured and legally sponsored. Outside of the workplace, complete care is taken of their housing conditions and transportation. We ensure that all our staff are promptly paid at the end of each month, in total compliance with Ministry of Labor codes.

As a result we enjoy a reputation of being the most reliable and dependable contractor, time-tested by customer loyalty and employee retention ratios. Our client list includes the most respected and demanding organizations in the Kingdom.

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ADVANTAGE To Your Business

Why Cleaning the Data Center is Necessary.

Professional data center cleaning is crucial to every enterprise? The cost of downtime is $9,000 per minute on average, according to a series of studies by the Ponemon Institute, and that number continues to rise. The data center is the brains and the heart of an organization's analytics efforts and it's important to know what you are up against, especially when that enemy can be microscopic.

Data center airflow design makes cleaning the facility necessary because contaminated air flow passes through servers, which act as the first filter in the room. Removing accumulated contamination helps prevent downtime & improve reliability by preventing contamination from entering the air flow that passes through servers. Data Center Cleaning is an industry recommended and best practice.

Subfloor Contamination

As conditioned air is forced under the raised floor, accumulated settled contamination is swept up into the airflow from the subfloor.

Server Contamination

As contaminated airflow is drawn into servers which act as an initial air filter, dust accumulates on internal components which can cause downtime

Surface Contamination

As exhaust airflow exits servers and returns to CRAC units to be reconditioned, contamination settles on surfaces throughout your data center.

Our services

Data Center Cleaning

Keep your Data Center in a good working condition and prevent the spread of airborne particulates by applying a deep cleaning inside out to and maximize your Computers Life.

Datacenter &
Computer Infrastructure
and IT Equipment Cleaning
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Datacenter &
Computer Infrastructure
and IT Equipment Cleaning

It is very important to prolong its life as well as prevent early failure of components. Dirt, dust, and hair build up can cause CPU processor and motherboard to overheat or short out and damage them beyond recovery. Call our laptop cleaning team for free no obligation quotation or book a free no obligation survey with us

Fans and/or cooling vents that normally provide airflow to keep internal components from overheating are found in nearly all equipment. Dust, moisture, smoke and other contaminants can enter through these openings, coat the circuit boards, fans, heat sinks and other components and cause equipment to overheat or start a corrosion process.

The “internal” cleaning is most important. Anything can be wiped down on the outside and look good, maybe even function fine for a while… If the circuit boards aren’t cleaned properly, the items will not live a “normal” life of 7-10 years for most equipment.:

Keep your IT equipment in a good working condition and prevent the spread of airborne particulates by applying a deep cleaning inside out to and maximize your Computers Life.

/ Post-Construction Cleaning
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/ Post-Construction Cleaning

Working on All environment by Remove harmful construction dust and debris prior to installation of Servers and Sensitive Equipment and before CRAC air handling units are activated.

Raised Floor Cleaning Know More
Raised Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Over and under Raised floor by using special equipment.


ISO-14644 Airborne Measuring Compliance

Complying with ISO-14644, controlling contamination is essential for Data Centre as a critical facility to manage the risk of contamination, Rockville can make this possible by helping your Datacenter to use of clean rooms, along with strict and stringent processes. We will do that by applying the series of standards dedicated for clean rooms, practices and procedures following the ISO 14644.


Maximum as owable concentrations (particles/m3) for particles equal to and greater than the considered sixes, shown below.

0,1 µm 0,2 µm 0,3 µm 0,5 µm 1 µm 5 µm
1 10b d d d d e
2 100 24b 10b d d e
3 1000 237 102 35b d e
4 10,000 2 370 1 020 352 83b e
5 1,00,000 23 700 10 200 3 520 832 d.e.f
6 1,000,000 237 000 102 000 35 200 8 320 293
7 c c c 352 000 83 200 2 930
8 c c c 3 520 000 832 000 29 300
9g c c c 35 200 000 8 320 000 293 000

Technical cleaning requires extensive knowledge of all processes on site because of increasingly complex equipment, machines and production processes. Our cleaning technicians are among the leading technical cleaning specialists. Having a good experience in technical cleaning, we know exactly what the industry needs. We enable processes to run smoothly and ensure maximum process reliability. As a result, we retain the value and ensure availability of your data center facility and equipment.

Deep Cleaning



technical cleaning

Rack cleaning
(Live racks)

Technical Test,
Report & Certificate
of ISO 14644

Our Commitments

Our Commitments define how we work, our priorities & our value for you.

  • Comply with ISO 14644 standard
  • Committed by Service level agreement SLA.
  • Use special and certified equipment and material like HEPA, chemical …etc
  • Highly-trained technicians who specialize in working around sensitive wiring and machines
  • All technicians are police-vetted, basic cleared (BC) and security cleared (SC) for government sites and other highly confidential environments
  • Thorough and in-depth dusting and technical cleaning of the raised floor, sub-floor void, under floor, structural slab level, floor surface, buffing, cleaning of the equipment surface, floor tiles, sub-floor deck seals, walls, doors, ceiling, power supplies, cables, etc.
  • Committed to deliver as per the RFQ timelines.
  • Provide detailed PIP (Project Implementation Plan) and Method of Statement.
  • Provide risk assessment Matrix (RAM) before performing the job.
  • Committed to follow Data Centers standards and procedures.
  • Committed to follow Saudi Arabia and international HSE standards.
  • Use HEPA vacuums efficiency at 0.3 u.
  • HEPA filtered; filter at the rate of 99.9% of dust taken through three layers of filtrations.
  • Technicians trained on how to perform cleaning as per ISO 14644
  • Provide post cleaning test with up to date calibrated test machine.
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All the Services are peformed under ISO Standard.


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